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READYMAC 1109 TVE side view

READYMAC 1109 TVE- the immediately available plastic recycling machine for sale

EREMA technology at the attractive fixed price of € 375,000

Our READYMAC 1109 TVE is a universal plastic recycling machine for sale in a standardized design. The standardized design means we always have a large number in stock.

It processes film, flakes and regrind material from PE, PP, PS, PC, PA 6.0. to make high-quality recycled pellets. This makes them suitable for various applications - from post-consumer to post-industrial and in-house.

Your benefits

In stock and available immediately

Excellent value for money

Proven TVE technology from EREMA

For many materials and levels of contamination

No long wait with our plastic recycling machine for sale

The READYMAC 1109 TVE is immediately available. You can keep material flowing without long and costly stockpiling. This way, you can continue to supply your customers quickly and reliably.

An important factor: Spare parts availability! They are dispatched immediately by the EREMA after sales team. Spare parts are always in stock and sent quickly to your site.

This patented technology has been in use at EREMA for many years. It ensures consistently reliable quality of the recycled pellets without compromise. At a fixed price of € 375,000.

READYMAC 1109 TVE front view READYMAC 1109 TVE READYMAC 1109 TVE from a different angle Blue, gray READYMAC 1109 TVE READYMAC 1109 TVE in gesamter Ansicht READYMAC 1109 TVE detail view READYMAC 1109 TVE detail view

We would be happy to put you in touch with competent and reliable financing partners to assist you with the financing of your plastic recycling machine.

We would be pleased to help you free of charge and without obligation.

How our plastic recycling machine works

Thanks to EREMA's patented extruder system, even materials that are difficult to process can be recycled effortlessly. These include printed film and wet materials.

They undergo

  • ultra-fine filtration,
  • homogenization of the melt and
  • high-performance degassing
  • using our plastic recycling machine in a single step.

The groundbreaking key principle of TVE technology is that melt filtration is carried out before extruder degassing. This is because impurities can be removed more efficiently. That is how you achieve the highest quality end products.

Graphic showing machine configuration

Material all-rounder

Conventional plastic recycling machines are often limited to processing a specific material. In contrast, the READYMAC 1109 TVE covers a wide range of materials. Frequent retooling or additional and expensive special equipment are not needed.

This is made possible by the innovative multipurpose screw. It shreds PE, PP, PS, PC and PA 6.0 efficiently and reliably. No matter whether these are contaminated or heavily printed:

  • Printed or metallized film
  • washed LDPE or agricultural film
  • PE film
  • PE film shreds like DSD310 (washed)
  • PP film or nonwoven contaminated with solids

This impressive versatility means the READYMAC 1109 TVE sets new standards for a more sustainable future.

Film shreds

Do you have questions about the advantages of our READYMAC 1109 TVE plastic recycling machine, which is for sale and immediately available?

Our experienced team would be pleased to help you at any time.

You can process the following materials with our plastic recycling machine

From post-consumer to post-industrial and in-house, our plastic recycling machine for sale effortlessly meets the challenges of a wide range of applications.

It reliably processes films, pre-shredded film flakes, regrind and other forms of material. The READYMAC 1109 TVE can repelletize the following materials:

Assembled READYMAC and 6 persons

„Thanks to the smooth collaboration and technical preparation, commissioning and training were quick and uncomplicated. The result: 24-hour operation was already possible on the 3rd day - and with a higher output quantity than agreed in advance! This means that nothing stands in the way of recycling our HDPE Regrind material into first-class pellets.”

- Cersa, Ecuador

Our all-round worry-free service

1. Finance

We know that financing a plastic recycling machine is an important decision. That is why we are here to help and advise you. We will assist you in finding the right finance partners.

2. We buy your used equipment

We can buy back your old machine and take care of dismantling and transport. This means that we ensure a short and virtually seamless transition to the commissioning of your new READYMAC 1109 TVE - with no production downtime. Our experts can handle the whole process.

3. Commissioning

When it comes to commissioning the machine, we take care of it personally. That is how we can ensure that your plastic recycling machine works optimally. You can put all your energy into focusing on your sustainable success.

4. EREMA After Sales Support

We support you beyond the purchase of your new machine. With technical support from EREMA, one of the leading experts in the plastics industry, you always have a competent team ready to help you out.
Our local EREMA service technicians are always available with their know-how.

Your alternative to READYMAC: Used plastic recycling machines for sale

All machines from UMAC are carefully checked, repaired and refurbished by our experts. We also take care of commissioning. This way, you get a plastic recycling machine in perfect condition.

We also customize the used machines according to your individual needs. This ensures that your material-specific needs are covered so that they meet the necessary quality requirements. What's more, you don't have to cover the cost of a brand-new machine.

We will gladly buy your old machine from you when you change to a new machine. UMAC takes care of the dismantling, so you don't have to worry about anything.

Do you need more information about the pros and cons of a used plastic recycling machine compared to the READYMAC 1109 TVE?

We would be happy to support you during your decision-making process!

READYMAC 1109 TVE technical data

Output per material type

Polymer Output Max. Moisture Max. printed surface
LDPE, LLDPE, MDPE up to 450 kg/h 4 % 40 %
HDPE up to 400 kg/h 4 % 40 %
PP, PS, PC, ABS up to 500 kg/h 4 % 40 %



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