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Gray and transparent recycled pellets

READYMAC 1109 TVE: The plastic extruder machine based on proven EREMA technology

High-quality plastic recycled pellets

The READYMAC 1109 TVE delivers the maximum possible output of recycled pellets per hour at a consistently reliable quality level. This is possible thanks to proven EREMA technology, which comprises the following technical highlights:

  • Preconditioning Unit (PCU)
  • Patented extruder system with innovative multipurpose screw
  • Revolutionary TVE technology for efficient filtration

You don't even have to compromise on the price with our plastic extruder machine. A fixed price of € 375,000 secures you our universal application READYMAC 1109 TVE, which is available immediately.

Your benefits

Patented EREMA technology

Processes soiled and printed film

Material all-rounder thanks to innovative multiscrew

Immediately available at an unbeatable fixed price

What makes our technology stand out from other plastic extruder machines?

The special feature of the EREMA plastic extruder machine is its revolutionary TVE technology. Its patented extruder system effortlessly processes even the most demanding plastics. This applies to printed film as well as moist materials.

TVE's core technology, which is still patented today, features melt filtration that takes place before extruder degassing. This enhanced process sequence removes impurities extremely efficiently. The following processes

  • ultra-fine filtration,
  • melt homogenization and
  • high performance degassing

are carried out in a single step. This produces recyclates of the highest quality.

At the same time, it opens up new capabilities and applications in the processing of plastics.

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Plastic extruder machine with patented EREMA technology at an attractive fixed price

The heart of our plastic extruder machine is the preconditioning unit (PCU). This technological innovation allows the continuous production of high-quality recycled pellets while maintaining a high hourly output.

The preconditioning unit handles:

  • pre cutting
  • mixing
  • heating
  • drying
  • predensifying
  • buffering and
  • homogenising

of the materials.

This enables continuous filling of the extruder, which is directly connected to the PCU. The result is optimized material feed as well as high process stability during the entire recycling process.

Graphic explaining how it works

Plastic extruder machine for a wide range of materials

What makes the READYMAC 1109 TVE stand out is that it is a true material all-rounder. This is made possible thanks to the innovative multipurpose screw. It reliably processes film as well as pre-shredded film flakes, regrind material and input materials in many other shapes and sizes.

Even soiled or printed films are no problem for our plastic extruder machine: the multipurpose screw handles a wide variety of processes. Retooling or additional and expensive special equipment are not needed.

The READYMAC 1109 TVE can repelletize the following materials:

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