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Polycarbonate recycling

With READYMAC and used plastic recycling machines from UMAC

Polycarbonate (PC) is a transparent, impact-resistant plastic material. It is used in applications such as construction (roofs, windows), electronics (CDs, eyeglass lenses), the automotive industry, medicine and consumer goods.

Polycarbonate is recycled using mechanical or chemical processes, which produce recycled pellets.

At UMAC, we offer two options for this:

Your advantages

Our machines for plastics recycling are available immediately.

You get high quality recycled pellets.

READYMAC also recycles PP, PS, PE and PA 6.0.

Polycarbonate recycling with READYMAC

Our READYMAC 1109 TVE recycling machine features patented EREMA technology. It is configured as a standardized version that is available immediately.

The innovative multipurpose screw enables the recycling of various thermoplastic materials:

  • washed PE film and film shreds
  • washed agricultural film or LDPE
  • PP film or nonwoven contaminated with solids
  • Printed or metallized film
  • PS and PA 6.0

While recycling polycarbonate, the READYMAC produces high-quality, lenticular recycled pellets.

Polycarbonate recycling machine side view

Would you like to learn more about Polycarbonate recycling using our READYMAC with patented EREMA TVE technology?

Arrange a meeting now. .

Polycarbonate recycling with a used plastic recycling machine

Our specialists carefully inspect, repair and improve all used plastic recycling machines. We also offer the option of customizing the machine to meet your individual requirements.

See our current offers to find out which used plastic recycling machines are available immediately.
If you cannot find what you are looking for, please contact us directly. Together, we will find the right polycarbonate recycling solution for you.

Our service package for your polycarbonate recycling

1. Finance

We can provide you with assistance to finance your polycarbonate recycling machine. If you like, we would be pleased to put you in touch with our finance partners.

2. Buying your used machine

We would be pleased to buy your used machine. By handling the dismantling of your old machine we can ensure a smooth transition to the installation of your new (used) machine. Our experts look after the whole process.

3. Expert commissioning

Our specialists ensure a seamless transition to your new polycarbonate recycling machine. Production remains virtually uninterrupted for almost the entire process.

4. EREMA customer service

We are part of the EREMA Group - a well known expert in plastics recycling. This means we can provide you with first class support and professional service teams.

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